Dr. Johannes Broichhagen
Junior Group Leader
Leibniz-FMP Berlin





We develop and use "d12" deuterium congeners of rhodamines that exhibit higher brightness and longer lifetimes with reduced bleaching versus their parent fluorophores TMR and SiR. Have a look at improved Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET), fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS), fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM) and stimulated emission depletion (STED) nanoscopy in our latest preprint.

[Roßmann et al., bioRxiv 2020]




Group Leader

JB studied chemistry at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg including a one-year stint with Marcus Weck at NYU and graduated in 2010 with honors. He then joined the group of Dirk Trauner at LMU Munich to dive into Chemical Biology and obtained his PhD in 2014. Next, he was working with Kai Johnsson at EPF Lausanne and at the MPI for Medical Research in Heidelberg. Since March 2020, he joined the FMP in Berlin as a Junior Group Leader.



Technical Assistant

Ramona studied Biology with a focus on genetics and molecular biology at the Humboldt University Berlin, graduating 2010 in Molecular Ecology. After a stint at WITA GmbH, she joined the FMP as technical assistant in 2011, working in the field Molecular Cellular Physiology and Mass Spectrometry. Enjoying nature and being a passionate hiker in her free time, she teamed up with JB in 2020 to support and pursue our quests in Chemical Biology.



PhD Student

Kilian studied chemistry at the Julius-Maximilian-University Würzburg (JMU) with focus on Organic, Physical and Medicinal Chemistry. For his Master Thesis he joined the group of Dirk Trauner at New York University (NYU), where he worked on photoswitchable PROTACs. After graduating in 2019, Kilian decided to join JB’s lab in 2020 to work on novel imaging techniques.


Jahaziel Jahzerah.jpg

PhD Student

Jahzy obtained a BSc in chemistry and chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin ‑ Madison. After moving to Berlin he shifted his focus to synthetic chemical biology and completed his master’s degree under the supervision of Christian Hackenberger. Since October 2020 he is working on a collaboration between JB’s lab and the the Liu lab.



Master's Thesis

Christiane obtained a BSc in chemistry from the Humboldt-University of Berlin in 2019. She joined the JB lab in October 2021 for her Master's Thesis.



Erasmus Student

Elda obtained a BSc in biotechnology with a focus on biomedicine and pharmacology from the University of Cádiz (Spain) in 2021. She joined the JB lab in October 2021 for an Erasmus internship until March 2022.

Photos by Silke Oßwald.



  • Internships (>12 weeks) for B.Sc./M.Sc. students available

We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic people!

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# these authors contributed equally

* corresponding author




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